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EasySoaker Boot   (Sold individually)

EasySoaker Boot (Sold individually)

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EasySoaker Boot

* Perfect where protection or treatment of hoof is required!

* Protects affected area from dirt, debris, future injury and excessive chipping
* Non-slip textured bottom. Pull straps for easy application!
* Easy-open buckle system

EasySoaker Boot – Perfect for a variety of applications where protection or treatment of the hoof is required: soaking, poulticing, conditioning, clean environment, medication at wound site, weight transfer, reduced concussion. Protects affected area from further invasion from dirt and debris. Reduces chance of future injury due to bruising or quicking and protects hoof wall from excessive chipping during growth period. Provides support for the hoof while barefoot. Features non-slip textured bottom, pull straps for easy application and easy-open buckle system. Intended for soaking and medication purposes only; not for riding or turnout. Sold individually.

It stayed on well, kept water/Epsom salt inside and my horse had no problems walking with it. It kept her hoof clean and kept the meds where I wanted it. There was no rubbing or any sore spots after it was taken off. It was easy on, easy off! One of the best ways I have found to soak and treat hoof issues., January 2006 Review
EasySoaker Size Chart
Size Hoof Width Hoof Length
3-3/4" - 4-1/2"
4-1/2" - 5-1/4"
5-1/4" - 5-3/4"
5-3/4" - 6-1/4"
6-1/4" - 6-3/4"
4-1/4" - 5"
5" - 5-3/4"
5-3/4" - 6-1/4"
6-1/4" - 6-3/4"
6-3/4" - 7-1/4"
For sizing, measure width of affected hoof across bottom at the widest point. Measure length of hoof from toe to heel. Ideally, the width and length will fit into the same size boot. EasyCare recommends sizing up 1-2 sizes, allowing extra space for bandages and liquids.