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Equine training bracelet to alter gait

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Here is a letter from someone in Europe that purchased these bracelets along with my response.

Hi Drew! The package arrived today -I LOVE the super light weight of them! Can't wait to try them out!

Drew - I put the bracelets on my horses feet and he was not bothered by them a bit - did pick his legs up very, very nicely! I am wondering if they have a rather "instant" effect? Next day he was still picking up his feet nicely and not schlurfing them on the ground - wonder if they help with body spacial awareness somehow? great stuff, super product!
Every horse I ever used them on it was immediate. I wrote up a big thing about it on my page a while back. I thought I pasted on the store link. Anything fixed that doesn't move they get accustomed to. Because these move...rattle around...the horse focuses on them. I have found them to have a mental affect.... Great for the young A.D.D horse who has a wondering mind. I even use the analogy of a computer meter that shows processor utilization. when the horses focus is wondering and "not" on you their focus to the task at hand is low becuz their processor is being used up wandering These have a way of getting the horses mind on their hooves... Not so much on surroundings which can be very distracting. For horses that have gait issues... Especially tripping what better way to fix than to get them to focus on their hooves...pasterns and fetlocks where these bracelets reside


The second picture is of what they call "trotting balls and sell for as much as $40 for a set of two. They weigh 14 ounces or more and the extra weight is just not needed. It is not the weight that causes the horse to alter gait...simply having something foreign that moves creates the desired response and at less that 2 bracelet will hurt nothing. A standard shoe weighs 10 ounces but is fixed and does not move. My bracelet causes the horse to focus on those specific is more a mental thing than physical. 


 Do you have a trotting horse such as a Quarter Horse, Paint, Thoroughbred, Arabian, any breed that you want to either extend the trot, cause them to "float" in the air longer, or stop a horse from tripping all the time? This item was originally designed for gaited horses such as Tennessee Walkers, Spotted Saddle Horses, Mountain Horses, etc. but we found that if you put these on all four legs it makes the horse lift higher and longer essentially changing the hoof placement timing. THESE ARE SOLD AS A SET OF TWO! So if you are purchasing for the purpose of extending the trot you will need two sets. If you are correcting a horse that trips you only need one set and they will be placed on the front hooves.


Hello...I specialize in gait analysis and correction for the gaited horses but like most I learned on a trotting horse first. Any of you that have ever ridden a Tennessee Walker, Spotted Saddle Horse, Kentucky Mountain, Rocky Mountain, or Racking horse know that they do not all gait perfectly. Walkers are prone to pacing which is a 2 beat lateral gait. Spotted Saddle Horses are prone to trotting which is a two beat diagonal gait. Many Walkers are also prone to tripping. This light weight bracelet will help you with all of these. The only difference is in where you place them. For the tripping or "pacey" horse you will put one bracelet on each front hoove. For the "trotty" horse you will put one bracelet on each of the rear hooves. Pacing is generally caused by breeding and confirmation so it is more difficult to fix than a trotty horse. But for those of you who do not want to endure the cost of shoes, this is your best bet. Trotting from a gaited horse is often a "learned behavior." This can either be picked up by being around other trotting horses or by being ridden by a rider that does not know how to properly ride a gaited horse. it can of course be in the blood but remember...ALL horses...even Quarter Horses walk a 4 beat gait. The gaited breeds just do it faster and longer so it can be retrained NO MATTER WHAT.

My promise to you...

I am not just here to make money on something I created over 12 years ago. I built a page on Face book over 7 years ago and have been helping people for free with training advise, gait analysis, and generally any question a person may have about the health, care, and well being of a horse.  A happy rider = a happy horse. Often when a horse owner is frustrated with a horses performance/gait they sell the horse. I have the perfect example in this video. My precious Smokie AKA Tornado (Zorro's Horse) was what we call a "Big Lick" horse and was bred to pace. His registration papers look like a rap sheet or a used car report. He was sold over and over because the people who bought him did not understand him nor could they get him to gait properly. He has the most incredible blood lines and sold as a weanling for $20,000. I basically got him for free in a trade towards a new horse trailer I sold a lady. Now what is interesting here for most of us horse lovers is the fact that "FREE" or cheap horses can often end up in a slaughter house. So you see....what I do in a way is to make all of you happy with your horse. it's better for you but most importantly for is better for them. 

So REMEMBER!!! The buck doesn't stop here. I will help anyone to analyze their horses gait. generally I charge $150 to do a full evaluation on a horse but with these bracelets I am committed to helping all the horses I can. Just send me your videos, ask your questions and I will help you all I can....FREE!!!

Visit us on Face book at "Tennessee Walkers And Spotted Saddle Horses The Natural Way" also TWSSH . COM 


We have a dedicated page for the training bracelets with all info, photos and videos.

Good luck and happy trails!!!!