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EZ White Whitening Shampoo

  • $8.62

EZ White is made without any harsh chemicals or bleaching agents. It combines aloe vera and lanolin with ingredients that actually alter the way light reflects off the hair shaft producing a brighter, more vibrant mane, tail and hair coat. EZ White works on all hair colors but is best for whites, grays and palominos. It is effective on removing tough manure, urine, and grass stains. The aloe vera and lanolin work to gently condition the hair and skin to leave behind healthy, shiny, manageable hair.

EZ White is available in pints and quarts.


From Drew...

                    Anyone who has ever owned a light colored horse or a horse with a lot of white knows how difficult it can be to keep them clean. We also know many of the cleaners out there are harsh on the horse's sensitive skin. I sell many brands of whitening shampoo but this is my favorite pick. It works the best, doesn't irritate and the price is FANTASTIC!! 

This is my choice for Oreo and our other Spotted Saddle Horses!