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* Prevents equine stomach ulcers and gastric upset
* Calcium enriched
* Aloe vera and kaolin soothe stomach lining as it heals
* Helps to promote a healthy digestive system
* 100% satisfaction guaranteed
* Made in the USA

Gastroade is a calcium enriched liquid supplement for preventing equine stomach ulcers and gastric upset. Revolutionary formula establishes a new approach to dealing with equine gastric distress. Gastroade is formulated with aloe vera and kaolin to soothe the stomach lining while it heals.

Directions: Paste – Administer 10 ml twice per day onto back of horse's tongue.Liquid – Use 3 oz twice per day. Liquid is cherry flavored.

Contains bismuth, calcium, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum hydroxide, kaolin and aloe vera.

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Made in the USA.

Not for sale in VA