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Groom Ninja deshedding tool

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Groom Ninja is the one tool that Cleans, Grooms and Sheds with ease. Unlike a curry comb or brush, there is not a way for the hair to get stuck in the tool. So you don't have to stop to clean it.

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  • Groom Ninja is a New Tool (Patent Pending) for Grooming, Shedding, Cleaning your Horse, Dog, Cat, Rabbit. 
  • Use it year round for removing Dirt. Dander, Sweat , Loose Hair 
  • Clean Saddle Pads, Blankets removing hair and grime in RECORD TIME 
  • Clean the insides of your Car Truck or SUV removing dirt, mud, and Hair. 
  • Handmade in the USA


  • 8" - Large is good for horses and saddle pads. Saddle pads?? Oh yes!! cleans them right up! 
  • 5.25" - Medium which is great for large dogs and ponies. 
  • 3" - Small which is great for small animals like rabbits, cats, and small dogs.