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Laser Sheen

Laser Sheen

  • $11.95

Laser Sheen

* Turn up the shine!
* Gives coats instant highlights for a mesmerizing shine
* A Horse Journal mane-and-tail care and winter-bathing favorite!

Laser Sheen hair polish and detangler from Farnam is a high-tech silicone formula that gives your horse the perfect showring shine. Cuts grooming and drying time; stains brush right out. Keeps coats glossy, and manes and tails tangle free for up to a week. Non-irritating formula repels dust and dirt; prevents stains from grass, urine, manure and latigo. Won’t dry or damage hair and minimizes breakage. Never oily or sticky. Economical concentrate makes 1 gallon hair polish; 32 oz ready-to-use formula comes with a sprayer.

"...a favorite all-around choice"
Horse Journal.
Dec. 2008