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Mosquito Halt

Mosquito Halt

  • $16.95

Mosquito Halt

* Stops mosquitoes before they bite
* Helps prevent West Nile Virus and Eastern & Western Equine Encephalitis!

Mosquito Halt – Kills and repels mosquitoes, gnats, face, stable & house flies. Provides both quick knockdown, kill & residual control. Safe for use on horses, foals over 6 wks of age and ponies. Contains 0.2% permethrin, 0.13% prallethrin and 0.5% piperonyl butoxide, as well as soothing aloe, lanolin and PABA sunscreen.

Gallon must be purchased in case lots of 4 and shipped UPS Ground. Additional Hazardous Surcharge required on gallon size. Can purchase up to one case per hazardous surcharge.

"It's one of the best fly sprays on the market, and our overall favorite…High residual effect."
Horse Journal, May 2012