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Pat Parelli Liberty Horse Behavior boxed set 10 DVDS

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Own the Complete and Authentic
Parelli Liberty and Horse Behavior

By Renowned Horse Trainer
Pat Parelli

10 DVD Box Set

Grand Total of 19 Hours of
The Very Best, Most Interesting
and Effective
Horse Training
Available on the Planet

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You are bidding on the complete DVD box set, barely used

Success Guide + Leadership Chart + Parelli Puzzles
All Unused and in Great Condition

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Equestrian Excellence Training Course

This high powered course was based on an effective program taught at the Parelli Centers. It was produced for home study due to the overwhelming response. Liberty & Horse Behavior teaches you one of the greatest skills a horseman can have, "being able to read horses." This course delves deep into the equine mind and teaches people to understand how to interact more effectively thus gaining greater perceptions around how and why communication via the Seven Games works. This course teaches the skills of Liberty through excellent On Line preparation leading to very high levels of execution.

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Learn the Secrets to the Equine Mind . . .

Learn To Reach New Higher Levels of Bonding and Communication with Your Horse

Thru the Liberty & Horse Behavior Home Study Program.

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Here's what the package includes:

The Parelli Program has always delivered far more than most people expect…because it delivers the unexpected. Frustrated and fearful horse lovers have come to Parelli as a last resort. They’ve ‘done everything’ to make it work but they refused to give up because in their hearts they believed there was something more. But there was always something they could not access because they were always focused on technique, on training the horse…which always meant they were BLAMING the horse.

You can’t make the horse-lover wrong…because there was never enough information available in order for them to be able to do more than they could. Before now, no one could verbalize it. But Parelli has.

Parelli has unlocked the key to getting horses and people to truly bond, to truly trust. We show horse lovers how to get their horse to WANT to show up and to give more than they’ve ever experienced.

Being able to read horses is one of the greatest skills a horseman can have. It tells you what approach you need to take and helps you resolve problems quickly, and not to mention gives you the keys for bonding and higher levels of communication.

This program delves deep into the equine mind and teaches you to understand how to interact with horses more effectively. You’ll learn how to act more like the lead horse, knowing the keys to establishing confidence and responsiveness and inviting playfulness.
Are you truly ready to totally transform your relationship with horses? This program will take you there. Let the journey begin!

This revolutionary information was first launched at US Parelli Centers last autumn with amazing results. Now, Parelli have packaged this information for the home study student.
Priced at a fraction of the cost of attending the Course in the US!

Liberty & Horse Behavior gives you the opportunity to experience this knowledge in the comfort of your own home at your own pace or as a wonderful reference tool if you have attended the Course.

The Liberty & Horse Behavior program includes over 19 hours of education, led by Linda and Pat Parelli, including presentations never seen before, except by Pat's top instructors and inner circle.

Part One - 6 DVDs

Featured Disc: Part I - DVD 1 - Horsenality

Begin your journey through the equine mind with Linda and Pat Parelli. Pat begins by addressing the most important message at the heart of this program, "Every prey animal is born with an innate fear of predators."

Pat then talks about the four main influences that make up a horse's horsenality: Innate Characteristics, Learned Behavior, Environment and Spirit. Apply this knowledge with Pat and Linda as they demonstrate with four very different horsenalities.

Disc 1 concludes with a workshop where Linda suggests a different approach for revealing your horse's horsenality.

Featured Disc: Part I - DVD 2 – Reading The Horse

Linda Parelli begins Disc 2 with in-depth information to help you learn to read your horse and bring him into his ideal learning zone. Then watch simulations that will teach you what it takes to deal with Right Brain Inrovert-Catotonic and Right Brain Extrovert behaviors in horses.

Linda uses her horses, Allure and Remmer, to demonstrate reading horses' body language. With Remmer she shows what it takes to ensure a productive, playful learning session; and with Allure she addresses his confidence as a learner and creates curiosity.

Disc 2 concludes with a workshop where you get to experiment with your new savvy in reading the horse.

Featured Disc: Part I - DVD 3 – How Horses Learn

Linda Parelli begins Disc 3 by reviewing the "Reading Your Horse" workshop from Disc 2 and discusses tactics for dealing with "the horse that shows up." You're then encouraged to play the "Communication Game" with your new knowledge of reading the horse. What worked? What didn't work? What did you observe? How would you do it differently next time?

Pat then joins us and talks about how to take care of a horse's confidence through their Hierarchy of Needs: Safety, Comfort, Play and Food. He also demonstrates the difference in how prey animals and predators learn by playing with his stallion Casper, Linda's Trakehner Warmblood gelding, Allure, and his stock dogs in a round corral. In the same chapter, Linda demonstrates how food influences her Dutch Warmblood Remmer's expressions during a learning session.

Disc 3 concludes with a Confidence Workshop. Your goal is for your horse to have confidence and trust in you as a leader rather than over focusing on accomplishing the task you planned.

Featured Disc: Part I - DVD 4 - Leadership

Disc 4 begins with Linda Parelli reviewing the "Confidence" workshop from Disc 3 and provides definitions for the Hierarchy of Needs.

Safety = Confidence + Leadership

Comfort = Release

Play = Fun + Creativity

Food = Incentive

Then Linda plays with a 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' horsenality which demonstrates how to use obstacles for leadership and introduces the 'get off it' lesson.

Watch as the class plays with Conga Horse simulations using longer lines and obstacles.

After the session they discuss and analyze how they'll be different for their horse next time: 'I don't have to go to Phase 4 so quickly. I will watch my face, use more approach and retreat, be more intense, clear and have a plan.'

Disc 4 concludes with a workshop. Choose three different obstacles and play the Seven Games with your horse using each obstacle. Remember, the goal is Confidence for your horse and in your leadership. It's not about the obstacle.

Featured Disc: Part I - DVD 5 - “It's Not About The Trailer . . ”

Disc 5 is comprised of two chapters: "It's Not About the Trailer…" and "It Wasn't About the Trailer…" The first chapter is a trailer loading demonstration with Linda and a student's horse that is nearly three hours long. This demo will definitely test your patience but in the best place it should be tested—in the comfort of your living room.

Then in the second chapter Linda takes a few minutes to discuss how this demo applies to the home study student.

Featured Disc: Part I - DVD 6 - Inspiration

Disc 6 wraps up Part I of Liberty & Horse Behavior. Linda reports on what happened when she misread a demo horse at a tour event and debriefs on the trailer loading session from Disc 5.

Pat then gives a more advanced trailer loading session, and we move on into Part II, The Games.

Part Two - 4 DVDs

Featured Disc: Part II - DVD 1 – Games

Expand your Seven Games. In this first Games disc Pat talks about why he created the Principle Games—Friendly, Porcupine and Driving. Then watch Linda and Remmer as they show you how to increase your creativity and imagination with the Driving Game.

Featured Disc: Part II - DVD 2 - Games

Pat talks about why he created the Yo-Yo and Circling Games, the first and second Purpose Games of the Parelli Seven Games. Then Linda and Remmer show how to expand your creativity and imagination with these Games.

Featured Disc: Part II, DVD 3 – More Games

Friendly, Procupine, and Driving Games, Yo-Yo and Circling Games, Sideways and Squeeze Games. Plus Much More!!

Featured Disc: Part II, DVD 4 - Problem Solving