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Vetericyn Super 7+

Vetericyn Super 7+

  • $11.95

Vetericyn Super 7+

* Ultra-quick umbilical dry-down solution: 50% faster than competition
* Safe, effective alternative to strong or 7% iodine
* No Hazardous Surcharge!
* Made in the USA
* See how easy it is to use! Watch the video in 'Other Info' below

Vetericyn Super 7+ umbilical care protection solution for newborn cattle, swine, sheep, goats, horses and dogs. Effective, safe formula dries down the umbilical cord up to 50% faster than the competition.

Vetericyn Super 7 Plus is dyed for rapid identification. Non-flammable, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Recommended for use with a non-return teat dip cup. Patent pending. Made in the USA.

“We’ve tested Vetericyn Super 7+ on hundreds of calves and haven’t had a single infection or abscess. Dry-down times are much faster than iodine, with a whole lot less hassle.”
Cody, MI
dairy herd manager