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Traveller is now selling Cox Veterinary Labs product line 

I became familiar with the CVL product line by recommendation of my equine vet. 

I have a stallion that is 24 years of age, has ulcers and advanced arthritis. 

After hearing people talk about the benefits of Acti-flex 4000 I put my stallion on it and was amazed at the results. He was struggling to even stand and at the point where we had to consider putting him down. The combination of Acti-flex and an anti-inflammatory has him living like he is ten years younger. Because of the ulcers we had to be very careful about using injections such as steroids or an anti-inflammatory. Oreo our stallion was on gastrogard for several months. Anyone that has used this knows just how expensive it can be. Oreo is now on CVL's "Gasroade" to prevent the healed ulcers from acting up. 

Come visit Oreo and watch his progress at